WinHex 19.2 SR-3 - Soft 4 Windows
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WinHex 19.2 SR-3

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Универсальный HEX-редактор. Как редактор дисков позволяет работать с жесткими дисками, дискетами, CD-ROM, DVD, ZIP, Smart Media, Compact Flash memory cards и прочими носителями, при этом поддерживается FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, CDFS. Кроме этого, WinHex обеспечивает доступ к виртуальной памяти (этакий RAM-редактор) и позволяет производить множество других операций, включая, например, клонирование дисков или надежное удаление конфиденциальной информации - без возможности последующего восстановления.

Список изменений:
* The time out for the generation of thumbnails of non-picture files in the gallery is now the same user-defined value as previously used only for pictures that are loaded by the internal graphics viewing library. It can be adjusted in Options | Viewer Programs. A smaller value may result in a faster display of the gallery, but at the cost of interrupting the loading process of the viewer component for some files, in which case the gallery tile shows "Error - operation cancelled".
* v19.2 SR-2 did not properly execute external viewer programs. That was fixed.
* Videos are now again represented in the case report by their first extracted still as a thumbnail.
* If the output of the Compare function was a text file and the comparison start offsets in the two data windows were different, the second offset reported for a found difference was off. That was fixed.
* Fixed a problem in LVM2 support.
* Fixed a rare exception error that could occur when producing a registry report based on Reg Report Free Space.txt.
* Prevented rejection of certain ProjectVic JSON files for PhotoDNA import.

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